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    Determining the Income a Rental Could Bring In

    By Shane Neal | March 17, 2023

    How do you calculate the numbers for a rental property? Rentals are a great way to build wealth and earn passive income, but you need to be careful. When analyzing a property, there are various things to take into account. Today, we’re here with a few things that will help you make an informed decision. ... Read More

    What Sellers Need To Know About Appraisals

    By Shane Neal | March 10, 2023

    Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, how exciting! This process means a fresh start and new beginnings. However, before you list your property, it is important that you completely understand appraisals. An appraisal is an opinion of value, where an expert appraiser will come to your house and estimate how much it... Read More

    A Realistic Estimate of the Money You’ll Gain

    By Shane Neal | February 21, 2023

    One question we get frequently is: “How much money will I walk away with if I sell my home?” Many people go online and look at what they’d want to sell their house for, then subtract agent commissions and think that’s what they will walk away with. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  To start the... Read More

    The Pros and Cons of Renting Out Your Home

    By Shane Neal | February 1, 2023

    If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you know that inflation is high and the cost of living is increasing almost everywhere. At the same time, home values are increasing, and property taxes are rising with them. If you want to make a wise real estate decision in this environment, what should you do? ... Read More

    Happy Holidays From Us

    By Shane Neal | December 19, 2022

    From our team to your family, we want to wish you a happy holiday season. Happy holidays to you! The holiday season has officially arrived. We hope you enjoy this wonderful time of year and make some fantastic memories. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued support. We love helping... Read More

    The Latest From Our San Antonio Market

    By Shane Neal | November 13, 2020

     Here’s a quick update on our San Antonio market to round out 2020. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   What we’ve seen so far in 2020 is obviously unprecedented, but what’s the news from our housing market as we move through the last quarter of the year?... Read More

    Q: What Do I Need to Know About the Final Walk-Through?

    By Shane Neal | August 13, 2020

     If you’re preparing for your final walk-through, there’s an important tip you must remember. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Once you have a home under contract, one of the last steps to undergo before getting to the closing table is the final walk-through. Essentially, this is... Read More

    The Importance of Getting Pre-Approved

    By Shane Neal | July 21, 2020

     We’re discussing the value of pre-approval and sharing some reasons why buyers need to start there. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Interest rates right now are at all-time lows; if you’re at all interested in purchasing a property in 2020, now’s the time to do it.... Read More

    Q: Should You Buy or Sell in Today’s Market?

    By Shane Neal | July 2, 2020

     Here’s what you need to know if you’re buying or selling this summer. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   If you’re considering buying a home in this market, it’s important to note that inventory is insanely low. We already had low inventory heading into this COVID-19 situation,... Read More

    The Steps We’re Taking to Keep Our Clients Safe

    By Shane Neal | April 20, 2020

     As we continue to navigate the world of real estate during a pandemic, our business has adapted to better serve our clients. Here’s how. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Our ultimate goal at the Neal & Neal Team is to do as much as we can... Read More