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A Realistic Estimate of the Money You’ll Gain

We can help you estimate how much money you’ll net after you sell.

One question we get frequently is: “How much money will I walk away with if I sell my home?” Many people go online and look at what they’d want to sell their house for, then subtract agent commissions and think that’s what they will walk away with. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 

To start the calculation, you must figure out what your home is worth. You can find rough estimates online, but we can help you get a much more accurate estimate. Then, we also have tools to help you calculate your net proceeds from there. We include things like your mortgage payout. This payout is about more than just calculating the principal and interest on an app; it’s also about prorating, which ends up being higher. 

Then, we can help you estimate the taxes based on a hypothetical closing. There are a lot of factors involved, but with our calculations, you can get a good idea of your current situation and what you could potentially net. 

We also like to give conservative numbers. Each contract is different and says who pays which fees. We can give you a conservative estimate and tell you how much things would cost if you had to pay for all the fees. 

At the end of the day, what you net is more important than what you sell for. If you have any questions or want our help calculating your net proceeds, we would be happy to help you! Call or email us anytime.

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