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Is It Time for You to Move to a New Home?

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Today we’re going to talk about some common signs that it might be time for you to move into another home. There are several key signs to look out for, and we’re going to talk about five of them today.

1.  Money
Take a good hard look at your finances before you move. You may just want to save up for a new master bathroom or other renovation in your home. If you aren’t happy in your current house, you need to figure out what steps to take to become happy.

2. Outgrowing your storage space
There are only so many ways you can rearrange your kitchen or garage to make room for more stuff. If you’re constantly trying to rearrange things to make them fit together, it might be a good sign you’re outgrowing your current house.

3. Expanding family
This is a great reason to move. It could be that you’re having more children, or they are coming back to move in after college.

4. Shrinking family
If one or more of your children have gone off to college and you just don’t need as much space anymore, it might be time to downsize and buy a smaller home, or that condo on the beach you’ve always wanted.

5. Neighborhood is in decline
If crime has been increasing in your area, or there is a huge commercial boom, it might make it a lot more difficult to sell your home in the future. Yet another reason to consider selling now.

4.2 pullIf you’re looking to change places, we would love to talk. We can give you a good estimate of what your home could sell for, as well as a home search that feeds directly from the MLS. If you have any questions at all, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

We also expect this year to be a great time to sell. Interest rates are rising, and this will bring a lot of buyers onto the market. You could capitalize on these unique market conditions if you contact us soon!

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