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How to Price Your Home for Top Dollar

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Our market is red hot, but that doesn’t mean that buyers will be willing to pay any price for your home. As a seller, you need to do some research with your Realtor in order to determine a fair market value.

Go back and look at similar homes that have sold in your area within the last six months. Take into account properties that are currently under contract. You want to be in the realm of these other properties, so try to be in the middle price range.

Pricing above the market is always a bad idea. Buyers are very savvy these days and they know when they’re getting the raw end of a deal. You won’t garner offers and you’ll actually push 1.2 pullbuyers away with a high price. Buyers have a wealth of technology to tell them home prices, so you really need to price your home fairly.

When your home is priced correctly, buyers will flock to it and a bidding war will ensue. This will help you get top dollar more so than starting with a high asking price.

If you need any assistance pricing your home to sell this winter in San Antonio, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to consult with you to find an attractive listing price.

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