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How Does the Home Buying Process Work?

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How many homes should you look at before you decide on one? Since this is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make, it is crucial to find a home you will enjoy for years to come. The most important thing you can do when you want to buy a home is team up with a real estate professional who knows the area well. A good agent will sit down with you and separate your needs from your wants. Listening and communication are the two most important things when looking for a home, so it’s important to find an agent who excels in those areas.

We have a host of internet tools to help us narrow down the potential homes in the area that you desire. We’ll save you a lot of time and energy looking at homes that aren’t right for you; our system will pick out and identify only homes that closely overlap with what you tell us you’re looking for. Virtual tours and other online features will save additional legwork as well!

On average, our buyer’s agents show 5-8 houses to each buying client. We take the time to listen to our buyers’ needs and look deeply at the market to find exactly what we think might be the perfect fit for them. We don’t want to send you a bunch of random properties that aren’t going to help you accomplish your buying goals.

Unless you’re paying cash, we highly recommend that all of our buyers get preapproved. That way, you’ll know exactly what you can afford before we go out to find potential homes for you! Keep that in mind if you plan on buying — it’s incredibly helpful! If you have any questions about the buying process, or if you need real estate assistance of any kind, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

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