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What Do You Need to Include in the Seller Disclosure Notice?

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What information should you include in the seller disclosure notice?

This can be a very heated topic because it’s important for sellers to be forthcoming about disclosing information to a potential buyer.

We always advise that you disclose any issues you have experienced while living in the property, even if you or a professional fixed the issue.

For example, if you had a water leak upstairs and you brought a contractor in to fix everything, you should still include that in the seller disclosure notice. The buyer will always hire a home inspector to come out, and if the inspector notices that something looks a little bit different, they will ask you about it.

Disclosing this information lets the buyer know that you are being upfront with them and not hiding anything. If you’ve had problems with appliances, the electrical system, or any component of the house, you need to disclose that.

The SDN lets the buyer know that you are being upfront and not hiding anything.

We also offer a neat program called Seller Shield that our sellers can opt into. This program gets attorneys to help you fill out the disclosure and includes protection for you if something happens after the fact. This is a really good tool because as your agents, we can’t sit down and go over the seller disclosure notice point by point.

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